some london links

this web site offers great coverage of the richness and variety of life in London. extensive coverage of interesting places as well as news and events.
smoke - a London Peculiar
as the name of the site suggests this is an idiosyncratic web site offering a very personal view of the minutiae of London life. expect the unexpected.

lively blog all things worth knowing - including stuff you never knew you wanted to know, about "New Cross, Brockley, Deptford and other beauty spots" in South East London

the greenwich phantom
the masked blogger, the scarlet pimpernel of se10 brings you this excellent mix of news, features, commentary and serious campaigning articles on Greenwich
rich, fascinating and unique compenium of London life in all its many forms. you never know what you might find - an extended article full of beautiful etchings of Victorian London, the most detailed article on Toby Jugs you are ever likely to find or or a profile of a social worker in Bethnal green. the site author is prolific, well connected and has his finger on the pulse of contemporary East London life

the only way is woolwich
the person/people behind this irrepressible blog have made flying the flag for Woolwich their mission in life. Such is their zeal that after repeated exposure you too may become one with the SE18 Borg and be putting down a deposit on a historic riverside apartment before you can say General Gordon. Are you with us....?

south london blog
run by born and bred South London girl Natalie De Luca this is a professional blog with a good eye for cool and happening places south of the river. has excellent coverage of the various South London scenes with the emphasis on eating out, clubbing and events.

the accidental londoner
a blog that describes itself as seeing "through the eyes of a girl who's not sure how she ended up here" - a description which must sum up the experience of a fair proportion of London's population. As the title of the blog suggests - this is not a listing or directory but a record of encounters with the random delights, quirks and occasionally the annoyances of life in the capital from the perspective of a lass from the midlands.

the peckham peculiar
Is Peckham the new Hoxton? Has it been annexed by Camberwell yet? Find about about the people and peccadillos of one of London's most misunderstood quarters, covered with pride and panache by this respected zine.
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