It seems like deptford has been hailed as the new Peckham for almost as long as brown as been the new black. You wouldn't have to be Sherlock Holmes to know that there has been a lot of buzz about the place. With it's plentiful transport connections, ethnically diverse profile and proximity to Goldsmiths it was always primed for take-off. But are the rumours of gentrification true? Has SE8 ben colonised by skinny latte sipping hipsters, have the pie shops been replaced by vegan delis? Well not quite.

A stroll down the High Street on a saturday afternoon reveals that Foxtons have not set up shop and the place is still reassuringly lacking in the airs and graces of the nouveau rich. The old stalwarts such as the Codfather, Godards and Manzes are still going strong and The Swan has not been turned into a wine bar. There are still the myriad fruit and veg stalls as well as fishmongers and butchers selling an amazing range of high quality and fresh fish and meat. There are also dozens of stalls selling household goods, clothing, linens and electrical goods. The flea market on Douglas Square is also in rude health - a wonderfully sprawling mess of stalls with a jumble of all sorts of clothing, second hand bikes, stereo speakers, used toys and, who knows, maybe even a few water-damaged umbrellas, spread out on trestle tables or just piled up on the ground.

The much loved Deptford Project railway carriage may have been hauled off into a siding, the High Street may have lost its iconic anchor (because the Council know better than all of us) but its feet are still very much on the ground.

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